The need for accessible information on mental health in Ireland is clear. Everyone, especially young people, have exceptional potential for resilience, but during tough times a little support, information and community goes a long way.

How important is the work that Inspire Ireland is doing ?

Consider that:

  • Over 50% of all mental disorders will have their onset during a child’s secondary school-going years1
  • Within an average secondary school class size of 30:
  • - 12 students will feel depressed2
    - Sixstudents will meet the criteria for at least one psychological disorder (Clonmel Project)3
    - Seven students would not talk to anyone if they had a problem with depression2
    - 24 students will access the internet on average once a week 4
    - 24 students would be likely or very likely to use the internet to source mental health information5


1 Headstrong’s national baseline adolescent mental health survey ‘My World’

2 Young People’s Mental Health: A Report of the results from the Lifestyle and Coping Survey.
National Suicide Research Foundation 20043

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5 Inspire Ireland 2010  ‘Internet’ was the most popular source of mental health information and support among a sample of 16 to 29 year olds with 79% likely or very likely to use it5