Reaching young people at risk

Inspire Ireland’s mission is to help young people lead happier lives. Our goal is that 250,000 Irish young people visit each year and that becomes a recognised youth brand among young people across Ireland.

Inspire Ireland is committed to reaching out to and supporting young people who are going through a tough time. Our reach is extended by the fact that young people can visit from their own home, or through their mobile phone, to learn about the issues that are affecting them and to take the steps they need to get the support they deserve.

As well as getting quality mental health information, young people can become part of the Inspire community by joining our Youth Advisory Network and getting involved in the work we do.

Above all, Inspire Ireland is committed to the safety and well-being of everyone who engages with In order to ensure our service is of the highest standard we work with clinical advisers who guide and support our staff in the safe delivery of