Call for abstracts: Technology for Well-being

August 6th, 2013

Inspire Ireland will host an international Technology for Well-being conference on 25 and 26 September 2013 in Dublin.

We are now calling for abstracts from interested researchers, service providers and students. This conference is being supported by the Health Service Executive National Office for Suicide Prevention.

Abstracts of no more than 250 words should be sent to [email protected] by Friday, 23 August 2013. This will be a cross-sector conference attended by a mix of service providers, policy makers, health managers, the technology sector, researchers and interested members of the public.

Selected conference themes: 

  • Online mental health services delivery
  •  Innovation in technology and mental health
  • Social media and mental health
  • Suicide prevention and the internet
  • Mental health promotion/public messaging online
  • National policy in technology and mental health
  •  Good practice in the safe delivery of online mental health services
  •  Crisis response protocols
  • Technology, cybersafety and young people
  • Youth participation and engagement with online interventions

For further information please contact [email protected].